What is Safe Scan?

SAFE SCAN™ is a software product that works with your existing barcoded student ID cards and student information. When a student ID is scanned, SAFE SCAN™ checks District criteria and displays the student’s photo along with a “Green” (good to go) or “Red” (not permitted) screen indicating that parent permission, satisfactory GPA and other District-determined criteria have been met. Upon scanning, parents are instantly alerted that their student has left the building, and the searchable database keeps track of the exit.

Green Screen

Upon scanning to leave, parent permission, GPA, discipline status and other District-selected criteria are checked. If the student meets the criteria, their parents are instantly messaged to ensure parents remain aware of their student’s location.

Red Screen

If the student lacks parent permission or does not meet the GPA, discipline status or other District-provided criteria, the student will be shown a “Red” screen and the “Depart” features will be greyed-out and she or he will not be permitted to leave the building.

*Paid annually

Monthly pricing

1-10 doors

$100 / door
The best choice for most Districts and schools
  • – Auto-import of student data

  • – Upload of student photos

  • – Up to 10,000 student records

  • – Up to 100,000 monthly emails to parents

  • – Up to 100,000 exit/entrance records

  • – Daily attendance office and Principal emails

11+ doors

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Great for an extended campus!!
  • – Same features as other plans, plus:

  • – Over 10,000 student records

  • – Up to 1,000,000 monthly emails to parents

  • – Up to 1,000,000 exit/entrance records